DJ Jay

Since dancing down the aisle as a ring bearer at the age of 6, I’ve loved weddings. Naturally I decided to become a DJ and now, with over 8 years of experience, I know how to make your event a hit, with you as the center of attention. Music is a passion of mine, and I take great pride in using my music knowledge to find the perfect fit your event. I have hosted every kind of event - from weddings, to Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, to corporate events, and I am glad to use my experience organizing parties to make sure yours goes off without a hitch. In 2013, I was asked by the University of Dayton to help liven up their basketball games. As a two time alum of UD, I said yes, and have been making sure every home game is a party ever since.

DJ Sam

As far back as I can remember I've always loved music! Growing up, my parents would always have the radio on, whether it was in the kitchen, out in the garage, or hanging out on the back deck. So naturally as I got older, I found myself with a well versed knowledge of all kinds of music and genres. I got my first taste of DJing during my grade school days. A family friend was a DJ and needed help carrying in the huge tubs of CDs. Thank goodness everything is digital now! Not only do I have a personal passion for music, but I have been using my knowledge and skills to entertain people at various venues for many years. I enjoy reading crowds, keeping the energy up, and making sure people are having a great experience.

DJ Dan

I grew up in a very musical family and was exposed to all types and genres. My dad was a DJ and ran a recording studio, which I took a big interest in as I was growing up. Over the years I spent much of my time learning new instruments, playing in area bands, recording, and producing music. Music is a huge passion of mine and as a DJ, I love providing those perfect moments for an event, whether it be a wedding, party or corporate event. I’ve always believed music to be the great communicator, and as a DJ, I get to use my knowledge in a creative way to keep the party rolling.